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Custom Built Phone Systems from CommuniG8



Custom Built PBX Phone System from CommuniG8 for BSC Solutions

Growing business BSC Solutions recently moved to new office space and required an internal phone system. As the office space would be used by BSC Solutions and also their sister company Baby Loves Organics they needed to have phone lines for each company. They also wanted extensions which would enable them to transfer calls between the office phones, and also between the two companies. 

CommuniG8 were able to build a custom system using Asterisk and FreePBX. Asterisk is Open Source software which is used to build communication solutions. FreePBX is used to control and manage Asterisk.

The phone system CommuniG8 built has features which included voicemail, connection to external VOIP trunk providers and detailed call reporting. As a strategic business partner of BSC Solutions, we have also included CommuniG8’s own extensions on the system, making it work across two separate locations.

For Your Organisation

If you would like to investigate the use of Asterisk/FreePBX within your organisation then contact CommuniG8 Limited. You can also read this article on Open Source VOIP for Small Businesses.


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