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Microsoft Visiual Studio 2010 Launch, 12 April 2010, London


A day out in London with my good friend Mr. Simon Crosby (Founder of BSC Solutions) to learn all the good stuff about Visiual Studio 2010 on it's launch day, in a cinema in Fulham.

Pity it was such a disapointment. I took notes and was going to do a full write up, but as the day went by I became more unhappy with the content and stopped making notes in such detail. Also, there was so much overlap between presentations with the same demos being used, that I would have been writing down the same thing three times. And to cap it off, they lost their internet connection and couldn't fix it (lost cable!!!!) so all the online stuff was dropped.

To be fair, there were a lot of good features but only in the "Ultimate" version which cost $11,000 (USD).

Had a nice lunch at a pub down the road from the cinema though, so not a total loss.

Left early!

Overall 2 out of 5.