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Social Media A Force for Good. 19 November 2009. NESTA Web Live Streaming


Seeing as this mainly centred around Twitter, I should limit this to 140 characters. I dont think I can but I'll keep it short.

A very interesting live debate, with much input from Stephen Fry, which is always unavoidable but welcome, on the social impact of Social Networking. And to a smaller extent how business can be involved. Biz Stone (Twitter) and Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) were a little over shadowed by Stephen but then who wouldn't be!

The technology points are;

Mobile devices will play a bigger part in Social Networking (4bn vs. 1.65bn computers).
Good Social Networking services are built by people with an emotionial connection to the service.
Simple is good! Why reject simple ideas?
Have the idea then build the business.
Writing is freedom and allows emotional expression.
Prediction is impossible, build something that is open and allowed to grow.
Conclusions from the discussion? Did you expect any?

Overall 4.8 out of 5.