by acls us

techmesh Meetup, 28 July 2010, Univerity of Hull


This time I actually managed to book my place at techmesh and turn up. As last time there was a good selection of sandwiches. At this event there were two external speakers, Mark Conway from KC and Richard Wilson from Businesslink.

Mark spoke mostly about the changes that are happening at KC in order to fix some historical issues brought about by rapid change and the delivery of many services to a diverse customer base. Mark also spoke about the effects of Government policy changes on the evolution of business plans. How new services to be provided by KC are being designed to meet the needs of Government 2.0.

Richard started by dealing with some of the myths about Businesslink in its funding, objectives and personnel. He then spent time talking about the actual services that Businesslink provide. These mainly seem to be in the area of bringing organisations together for mutual benefit and helping businesses to see a way forward through various difficulties and opportunities. There was a Big-Red-Warning label in that grants are on hold until government policy on spending is clearer than it is at present.

Overall 4 out of 5.