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HDLive10! - 4 November 2010, University of Hull


This year I acutally managed to get round to booking to go the HDLive10, rather than finding out I had double booked myself. I'm sorry to say that over all, I got the feeling that the event was a bit of a Jon Moss love-in. Everyone presenting was one of his big mates. Maybe there would be some more diversity if Jon booked some acts that he didn't like. Could just be me on that one! Having said that, apart from feeling almost suicidal after the infamous Carlsson presentation, I did find the event interesting and seems to have a running theme if only I could put my finger on it.

High Lights

The biggest High Light of the day was the inspirational, messing about presentatuion from Brendan Dawes. With emphasis on invisble elements in design. Those things that you don't see at first but when you find them, make you smile.

It was good to hear that Google is still messing about too, giving employees (or should I call them colleagues?) 20% of their time to work on whatever they want.

Oh and Matt (what's he on) Brown Singing Sock Puppets and Making Future Magic quality!

Low Lights

Sorry but Andreas Carlsson, did you say your home country has the highest suicide rate in the world?

And Nick Thompson - wow is KC really that good?


Overall 3 out of 5.

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