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Hull Digital Developer Group - October Meetup - 14 October 2011, Fudge, Princes Ave, Hull


Hull Digital Developer Group - October Meetup

(Full event details via the above link)

Just a short and rather late note (yet again) about the October meeting.

No HDLive this year, arm didn't you see this coming?

Just a little note to Becci (if you read this). There were no females there, as usual, you should have come to get the quota up!



Lighting for big events


Durham Marenghi (does he have a relation called Darth?

Lumitect (Need a new Web Site chaps ??)


Durham read from script because he said otherwise he would just drift off the point and never get it finished.

He gave us a logical description of the many many many complicated factors affecting putting on massive

light shows and big international events.

There are only about half a dozen people doing this, on this scale on the planet.

Could this be any more complicated?




Pyramids 50 millionth subscripter to Egyption comms company.

Buck house 50th jubilee.

GLA new years image of London, Eye and Big Ben - to complement fireworks.

Winter Olymic open/close Turin.

Royal opening of St Pancres St.

Beijing 2008 Olympics - London bus illumination.





KC Finance Director Sean Royce

(I don't think that's a real cheque)


Lots of stuff about how big and good KC are, £150m turnover, 3% of local economy, but I guess you have to start with that stuff anyway.



KC invest fund

Seem to see themselves as taking up the slack left by poor government support.

Most measures show the area as depressed.

£300k fund matched by ERDF = £600k.

Partner with Sirius and Acorn.

4-5 weeks old.

Startup - digital and tech sector.

Loans between £1k-£25k.

3 applicants so far - £17.5 total.
Did not give % rate on loan (individually negotiated?).


£20k (see the big cheque) donated to youth enterprise grant (13-21 year olds).




30-40% bandwidth growth rate per year.

A view to provide super fast broadband to the area.

Some talk about Woodmansey

15,000 locations by the end of 2012.

Don't know the cost to the customer yet.