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Hull Digital Developer Group - September Meetup - 7 September 2011, Fudge, Princes Ave, Hull


Hull Digital Developer Group - September Meetup

(Full event details via the above link)

Just a short and rather late note about the September meeting.


A very good set of presentations!.

The first (Chris Hannam and Wes Mason) was more about the process of creating an Open Source Project than its function. Which is fine because that was the point of it.

The result was a Social Networking feed aggregator.


The second (Simon Hudson) was an overview of the world of Business Intelligence (BI) software and how the world has moved on since the days when "BIG BI" cost the planet and could only be afforded by the biggest companies, to "little bi" that can be implemented (to some degree) by just about any organisation.

Which all inspired me to look to make even less of an expense of it all, and fine some Open Source BI.

And this is where to find it! - in particular