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Hull Digital Developer Group - July Meetup - 7 July 2011, Fudge, Princes Ave, Hull


Hull Digital Developer Group - July Meetup

(Full event details via the above link)

I was one of the presenters at last week's Hull Digital Developer Group Meetup.

The "advertised" presentation was.....

About Richard

Richard has been in IT since 1982. For the first 12 years of his career he ran IBM main frame systems, Technical and Operations teams providing services to Comet, Shell, a couple of local authorities, etc. He then moved into PCs and Servers providing services to various national retailers including B&Q and IKEA.

For the last 18 months Richard has been running his own company (CommuniG8) and taking time to research his interests in Open Source systems and becoming what his head of marketing sells him as, an "Open Source Expert", whatever one of those is. During the last 6 months Richard has also been appointed as the Technical Director for The company was featured on BBC Click at the end of last year and is providing a Wireless Broadband service, including free subscriptions, to a 12,000 household estate north of Portsmouth.

The Talk

Richard plans to present on some of his observations on Open Source, including some details of a couple of Server based systems that he has particular interest in.

The talk may stray into questions like; "Must we all be developers to use Open Source?" "How can we make money from free stuff?" "Will Open Source kill Microsoft?"



Keynote and Powerpoint versions of the presentation can be downloaded here.

Keynote Version

Powerpoint Version