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PowerTXT alerts via Twilio and Node Red into Zabbix


Node RedTwilio



A proof of concept for a client operating 56-60 Networks around the UK. Each Network has its own ADSL/FTTC/Cable/Fibre Backhaul Internet connection and Network Manager Server. The power to the Backhaul equipment is Monitored and Controlled via a TekView PowerTXT device which sends SMS messages for Power/Temperature events and accepts command via SMS to control the power and configure the device. Their overall Network is Monitored via Zabbix which needed to be aware of Power Outage events.


The approach used was to set the PowerTXT device to send it's status Text messages via the Mobile Network to a Mobile Number create on Twilio. The Twilio Mobile Number being configured to send the SMS wrapped in an http request to Node Red. A Node Red Flow takes the http request and extracts the "From" Mobile number and the Text data from the message, constructs a "zabbix_sender" command to use to pass the message to Zabbix which is stored aa "Zabbix trapper" data. The Node Red Flow also creates the response to the original https request from Twilio so it knows the request has been processed and there is no reply SMS to send. These also a bit of Debug logging to catch whats going on.

 Node Red Flow

The next stage will be to add to the Node Red Flow so that it will delete the original SMS from Twilio after its been processed and for it to parse the body of the SMS from the PowerTXT to detect Power OFF and ON event to pass to Zabbix.

(Part 2 is here)