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Using Zabbix and Grafana to BitCoin BlockChain Stats

BlockChainI wanted to get a few BitCoin BlockChain Stats to show on a Grafana Dashboard without having to install and run a whole bunch of code. Luckily provide a simple REST web interface for this.

The next step was to get the data needed from A simple PHP script was used to get this data, format it and use the Zabbix Sender (zabbix_sender) to post it into a Zabbix Server. I organised the Zabbix data using a single Zabbix host with a few Zabbix items (which must be created as "Zabbix trapper" item type) to hold the data. The PHP script is run on a Zabbix Server (just for convenience really) under cron every 60 seconds.

Finally I created a simple Grafana Dashboard using "Single Value" panels to show the data.