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Custom Built Appliance Based Information Display System from CommuniG8 installed at Eltherington Industries




Eltherington is one of the largest independent Aluminium companies in the UK.

Eltherington wanted a Information Display System with up to the minute information on targets for their factory floor. The Information Display System needed to show the total working time available for the current operating day, the current running total of working time utilised and the overall percentage of working time utilised. It also needed to be possible for a member of staff to input the working time at the start of each day.

CommuniG8 worked with BSC Solutions and recommended a computer based display with the information being presented on a flat screen monitor. We also proposed that each piece of information be displayed alone on its own page and the display would rotate between these pages.  With only one piece of information per page the data could be enlarged to fit the screen, increasing visibility. Also this would mean that more information could be added to the system in the future by increasing the number of pages rotated by the program. The screen and characters sizes used were based on research from the USA on visibility of display signs and computer screens at a distance.


CommuniG8 provided a customised program allowing a member of staff to enter the total working time available that day, this is then shown on the display and used for the calculations. The customised program will provide an FTP facility where a CSV export of the Crystal Report with the current running total of working time utilised can be submitted periodically – the frequency of this export for submission can be completely controlled by Eltherington. With this information the customised program can calculate the overall percentage of working time utilised. The Information Display System was successfully installed on-site, and we were also able to provide support on the day of installation to check that the relevant members of staff could input the total working time available successfully. We also made sure the CSV submission process was working correctly.

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