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Strawberry Awards Server Monitoring Contract to CommuniG8




Strawberry is the region’s leading full service marketing and web design agency with a team of over 20 talented individuals. Their roots are in the city of Hull, yet their client base reaches far and wide to include a diverse range of public, private and not for profit organisations. They run a number of Web Sites for their clients and face the same issues that any organisation faces that is determined to ensure that their web services are available at all times. Strawberry recognised the need to have their Servers monitored for performance and availability. It was also key to be alerted to any services affecting issues so that their support team could respond effectively. Strawberry have awarded their Server Monitoring Contact to CommuniG8 Limited.

CommuniG8 now provides a hosted Network Monitoring Service based on Zabbix technology.

Click on the link below for more information and to try it now.